Monday, December 21, 2009

Lepak time at Pavilion

KL here i am :) staying for 2 weeks plus. finally i have a free time to post something since busy having a great holidays here. hehe. 2nd week on monday i had a great lepak time at Pavilion with zul n shap. they just arrived here from jb a day before we hang out. so they asked me for lepak n Quiksilver's shopping :D it was 70% sale mann. but my size for the tshirt are all sold out. damn it. but i'll not leave the shop without buying something. its forcing me mann. ahha. the best part when we lepak was when we went to the iphone/itouch centre. we entered and played around with all those high tech stuff acting like never seen that before. haha. zul had recorded our voice: talking, mumbling and so on, and playback with loud speaker. HAHA. people in the shop are all staring at us. god, so bengang. then we went to the sony centre and trying to do the same thing. but with handycam video. hee. when playback were played, suddenly it pop out on the big screen at the side of the center. the same thing happened. we quickly runaway without turn back. we are extremely naughty on these moment :DD hehehe.

Thats all.
Have a SYOK holidays people ! :DD

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